Travelling Solo

In his poem Travelling Light, poet and theologian Pádraig Ó Tuama talks about the different ways we have of approaching life’s journey.

At different times, he says, we can find ourselves travelling alone or in the dark, heavily or lightly.

Sometimes we ‘travel dark’, unable to conjure up an image of ‘sunrise or moonrise or starlight or fire’.

Sometimes we decide to ‘travel solo’, forgetting ‘all the others we’ve travelled with’.

The final verses remind us that there are times when we need to ‘travel lightly’: ‘Because sometimes we need to be, travelling lightly because sometimes we’re in need of, regular reminding, that light comes in circles and waves and small moments’.

The poem concludes: ‘and light comes to find us and light comes with hope.’ Life can be complicated and difficult, and it can weigh us down at times.

We can end up thinking, feeling, and even acting as if we are alone on our journey. Today’s Gospel reminds us that we are not alone.

Even when God seems to be sleeping, and the storm is rising, and we are in danger of being swamped, he is there.

At a simple request from the disciples in the boat, Jesus quietens the wind and allays their fears. All is calm again – all it takes is a little faith and trust that we are not alone.                                (Tríona Doherty)